Ummu Bradley Thomas, NCRT

Ummu Bradley Thomas is a Nationally Certified ROMA (Results Oriented and Management Trainer) and the Founder of Freddie Bell Jones, Inc., an Organizational Consulting, Grant Writing, and Training Firm, MBE/DBE certified in the State of Maryland.  Ms. Thomas has designed and led personal development courses in leadership skills, cultural diversity, multi-generational diversity, communication skills, business development, employability, welfare-to-work, and teamwork.  She has also developed over 60 soft skills programs that have been offered at nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, schools, Head Start Centers, and a community college. Ms. Thomas has conducted regional needs assessments, focus groups, customer surveys and client surveys and has published 14 personal development workbooks titled under the series The Polish that Pays and has been quoted in the Reader’s Digest, the Examiner, and the Wall Street Journal.  Ms. Thomas also trains youth ages 14-21 in self-help skills, manners for young ladies, manners for young gentleman, anti-bullying solutions, social behavior, self-esteem, public speaking, etiquette, and conflict resolution. She is a graduate of Lincoln University and the proud mother of three. She was named Ms. Maryland Intercontinental 2001, chaired her town’s Economic Restructuring Committee, and has served on her county’s Planning and Zoning Board, since 2011. Ms. Thomas was appointed to the Maryland Commission for Women in April 2016 and has worked on the Voices of Maryland Women Listening Tour, the Legislation and Public Policy Committee, the Bylaws and governance Committee, and the Women of Tomorrow Awards Committee.

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